Welcome to Fit With Mum

Welcome to Fit with Mum. Our Exercise to Music classes are specially designed and choreographed to support and strengthen your pre/postnatal body. In ‘normal’ times we run classes in Norfolk but we are now operating online with our 5th online Block commencing on Tuesday, 5th January 2020. Head to ‘Book Now’ to secure your space!

Our workouts are modified to take care of your pre/postnatal body and I offer adaptations and teaching points throughout to ensure each of you is able to work comfortably, safely and at your own pace.

Our live classes take place at 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings but it doesn’t matter at all if you are unable to make the live time as you can access the class after it has ‘aired’ at any point over the course of the block, enabling you to complete/repeat it whenever suits you.

Our physical and virtual classes are the perfect way to improve your strength, fitness and confidence, whether you are 8 weeks, 18 months or 10 years postpartum or whether you have never had a baby! Everyone is welcome and we would love you to join us.

Eva and I look forward to ‘meeting’ you!


Anna Kahn

Owner – Fit With Mum

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“Love this class. So friendly and welcoming. A great workout and the babies all seem to be enjoying it too.”

Kelsey G

Kirsty R


“Fit with Mum classes are so welcoming and inclusive, a great way to start exercising again and to meet other mums. Anna’s workouts are brilliant and there are always variations which are perfect for a new mum as you can go at your own pace!”

Emily S

“Anna’s Fit with Mum fitness videos have been absolutely perfect for easing me back into exercise after having my little boy. I enjoyed keeping fit in pregnancy, but after a difficult labour I was nervous about what exercises I could do and to what intensity. Being in the midst of a pandemic has obviously meant gym and postnatal classes have been cancelled, and so I needed an online class that was both reputable and enjoyable. I was scared to start but I needn’t have been: Anna differentiates every exercise and so it was I was able to challenge myself, whilst ensuring I was comfortable at the same time. The classes are brilliantly planned, with a clear structure and manageable pace. I’m not very good at following routines but everything is explained clearly and so I didn’t feel left behind! No equipment is needed, and they can totally be worked around a little one – I started when Alfred was 6 weeks old and already notice the benefits. I’ve really loved the workouts and genuinely look forward to them – Anna’s friendly, cheerful personality helps the time fly by and seeing little Eva is always a bonus. I highly recommend them for all abilities.”

Steph H

“I love Anna’s virtual workouts! They are easy to follow and mean I can fit them around my schedule making them very convenient. I really enjoy the workouts Anna plans – I feel like I’ve definitely worked out and achieved something whilst following a clear and easy to follow format. The content is clear, movements explained – nothing is complicated. The cherry on the cake and thunder stealer is little Eva. You will wish you could have the same cuddles Anna gets. It is adorable and makes me want to tune in and work out even more!”

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