Fit With Mum

With Anna & Eva

Since having Eva and qualifying as an Ante and Post Natal Fitness Instructor I have first hand experience of the pre and postnatal period and the positive effects of exercise for the body but also for the mind. I also am acutely aware of the vital role of specialist postnatal exercise and wish I knew what I know now when I was pregnant and in those first few months postpartum! Our bodies go through so much during pregnancy and birth and it is no wonder we need a little TLC afterwards.


Fit with Mum workouts are designed to focus on the needs of the pre and postnatal body and particularly focus on posture, core, the pelvic floor and breathing. I offer adaptations and modifications for every move/exercise to enable you to workout at your own pace and to listen to your own body. 


Classes are 45 mins/50 mins and consist of a 10/5 min warm up, 15 mins of cardiovascular exercise and a muscle strength and endurance cool down, largely consisting of mat work focused on the core and pelvic floor – usually with a baby perched on you/lying next to you!


As a mum it can be difficult to find the time or energy to exercise but our live workouts are available after ‘airing’ for the duration of the block so that you can complete/repeat them at any time. This enables you to fit your workout in around your schedule and complete the class when it suits you.



“At 5 months postpartum I find the different intensity levels ideal.”

Upon booking you will receive video tips on core engagement and breathing, the pelvic floor, posture and prenatal tips (if you are pregnant).


From January, as well as the weekly live, you will also gain access to a collection of 10 min workouts focused on:


  • Arms and core
  • Legs and bums
  • Cardio
  • Weighted workouts


These are perfect for when you have 10 mins to spare but not enough time for a full workout. Their focus also enables you to pick what you want to work on today.


All Fit with Mum lives are suitable for pregnant women and I provide specific prenatal teaching points throughout. You will also have access to specialist, shorter, reduced pace and intensity prenatal workouts, ideal for if/when you feel you they are more suitable than the weekly lives.

Fit with Mum isn’t just for Mums! It’s a full body workout, including cardio and muscle strength and toning, and, following the highest intensity teaching points, it is an extremely intense workout for all and everyone is welcome.