What kind of exercise is Fit with Mum?

Fit with Mum is an Exercise to Music (ETM) class consisting of a warm-up, stretching, a main cardiovascular workout (either a choreographed routine or HIIT) and finally lots of mat work focused on the core and pelvic floor to complete the session. All routines are choreographed and specially adapted to support and strengthen your pre/postnatal body.

How soon after birth is it safe to exercise?

Generally it’s recommended to wait at least 6-8 weeks after having your baby, but your midwife will advise you as to whether you are safe to begin exercising at your 8 week postnatal check up. Once you have been cleared by your health practitioner and feel ready to begin exercise, Fit with Mum will help you to do so comfortably and at your own pace.

What level of fitness are classes suitable for?

Fit with Mum classes are suitable for all fitness levels and all stages of pregnancy/postpartum. All moves and exercises are specially choreographed to support the pre/postnatal body and I always offer adaptations, including pregnancy specific teaching points, throughout the workout, so that it can be as gentle or as intense as you choose. It is vital that you listen to your body while exercising, particularly of you are pregnant or have recently given birth, and rebuild your fitness and strength gradually. Fit with Mum enables you to do this and workout at your own pace.

Do I have to have a baby/child to join?

Absolutely not! Fit with Mum is designed to take care of our pre/postnatal bodies but it is also an excellent, full body workout for everyone and anyone and is certainly intense if you follow the higher impact adaptations! Our focus on core strength, breathing and posture are also extremely beneficial for all.

Do I have to have a baby/child to book a class?

Absolutely not! Fit with Mum is designed to take care of our postnatal bodies but it is also an excellent workout for everyone and anyone.

Is Fit with Mum suitable during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely, it is designed to support the prenatal body. If you are pregnant your booking form will alert me so that I can send you a pregnancy specialist Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire to ensure that I can provide specific teaching points for you throughout the workouts.

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What do I need to complete Fit with Mum class?

All you need is a mat (if you have one) and some water!

Do I need equipment for the workout?

Fit with Mum classes are an equipment free workout; we use bodyweight to get a good burn! Lifting and pulling are sometimes not ideal for the pelvic floor and, although some women may be able to incorporate weights or resistance into their routines, to be safe and suitable for everyone we don’t use any equipment. We have 10 min weighted workouts which you will have access to if you like to use weights.