What Clients Say

“Tonight I did my first Fit with Mum class once my 3 year old was in bed! I have been doing pregnancy yoga but wanted to try Anna’s class to get my heartrate up and also I’ve been following Anna’s work on Facebook and it always looks so fun! Anna is such an uplifting, friendly person and really knows her stuff when it comes to pregnancy and postnatal fitness. It was great fun and although I was worried about hurting my vulnerable back, Anna gives brilliant alternatives that aren’t as stressful on the back/tummy especially when pregnant! I really hope I can continue with Anna’s classes right up until my due date and then again 6 weeks after having my daughter!”

“I cannot recommend this programme enough. I near on died the first one, not gonna lie, I have NEVER exercised regularly but this class has adaptations to all the exercises so is completely safe for everyone, even in pregnancy. I have lost inches and I haven’t even done this week’s workout yet as I’m avoiding it in the heat! I am going to book every block Anna runs because frankly I am not mentally ready to take my overweight self into a gym or group class and with my nocturnal kids the flexibility these classes give has enabled me to actually do them!”

“Absolutely love Fit with Mum! Myself and my 9 month old joined and I love the workouts which are designed to go at your own pace so you can decide how hard you want to work out. I was concerned about my little one sitting through without making a fuss but she was more than happy with a few toys and watching us all jump around to the music! Would recommend to anyone postpartum whether you’re a new mum or have an older baby like me.”

Megan M

“Anna is amazing! I had been looking forward to joining Fit with Mum classes but due to the current lockdown that wasn’t possible. However Anna’s online workouts have been brilliant and the perfect way to start exercising after having a baby. Emily (12 weeks) loves watching and being part of some of the exercises and Jack (3 years old) has great fun joining in with me. The workouts are easy to follow and well paced. Anna explains everything clearly and I am able to see exactly what to do. It is also lovely to see Eva running around in the videos, showing it is possible to workout at home with little ones of all ages. I can’t recommend Fit with Mum enough!

Nicola M

“I love Anna’s virtual workouts! They are easy to follow and mean I can fit them around my schedule making them very convenient. I really enjoy the workouts Anna plans – I feel like I’ve definitely worked out and achieved something whilst following a clear and easy to follow format. The content is clear, movements explained – nothing is complicated. The cherry on the cake and thunder stealer is little Eva. You will wish you could have the same cuddles Anna gets. It is adorable and makes me want to tune in and work out even more!”

Steph H

Emily S

“Anna’s Fit with Mum fitness videos have been absolutely perfect for easing me back into exercise after having my little boy. I enjoyed keeping fit in pregnancy, but after a difficult labour I was nervous about what exercises I could do and to what intensity. Being in the midst of a pandemic has obviously meant gym and postnatal classes have been cancelled, and so I needed an online class that was both reputable and enjoyable. I was scared to start but I needn’t have been: Anna differentiates every exercise and so it was I was able to challenge myself, whilst ensuring I was comfortable at the same time. The classes are brilliantly planned, with a clear structure and manageable pace. I’m not very good at following routines but everything is explained clearly and so I didn’t feel left behind! No equipment is needed, and they can totally be worked around a little one – I started when Alfred was 6 weeks old and already notice the benefits. I’ve really loved the workouts and genuinely look forward to them – Anna’s friendly, cheerful personality helps the time fly by and seeing little Eva is always a bonus. I highly recommend them for all abilities.”



Laura R

“I really enjoyed the Fit with Mum exercise classes. All the exercises were adapted well to do after having a baby. I was worried that if my baby fussed I wouldn’t be able to do anything but you can easily tend to baby and still exercise too. My little boy loved watching me do the exercise routines and he enjoyed joining in at some points too! It was a friendly, fun and welcoming class I would definitely recommend.”

Laura S

“Fit with Mum enabled me to have some ‘me’ time without compromising being a mummy. Anna is so encouraging and supportive whilst still pushing you to get the most out of your workout. It’s a great opportunity to meet other mums and their children and make new friends! My little one also loves the classes as much as me, all the movement and music and watching all the fun. By far my favourite outing of the week!”